Defeat the stress - Prolong your life

VR-based therapy with biofeedback for stressed and nervous people,
and those who need to mobilize and concentrate.

Target Audience and Its Problems

Physicians define stress as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension that people may have when working in difficult conditions (both in everyday life and in specific circumstances).

Physical overloads, exposure to harmful environmental factors, work in hazardous conditions can lead to physiological stress. And psychological stress is a response to problems with people's psychological stability due to psychological overloads, such as work, insults or other factors.

Being in constant stress, a human body is quickly wasting its resources.

Stress disorganizes people’s activities and behavior and knocks them out of the groove for a long time.

In the long run, stress can turn into a form of chronic depression, which is a medical diagnosis and requires serious therapy.

Currently, the impact of stress on the global economy is significant.

Losses in the USA and EU countries are estimated at US$400 billion a year.

Economic Losses in the World Resulted from Stress

In the USA, losses amount to US$320 billion a year, including US$1.4 billion for lost working days.

In the European Union, losses from stress are estimated at Euro 44 billion per year. This includes expenses to cover 280 million lost working days, psychotherapists’ fees and sick leaves.

Stress Incidence in Adults

60 %

1-2 times per week

According to the American Institute of Stress, 60% of people are exposed to stress once or twice a week, for 30% of people it happens every day and only 10% of people live without stress.

Thus, 90% of people suffer from stress to one degree or another.

Negative Effects of Stress on a Human

Sleep disturbances, headaches

High blood pressure and heart rate, high cholesterol

Gastrointestinal diseases

Reproductive system disruption

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchospasm

Chronic liver failure

Kidney stone disease

Cancer, reduced immunity

Proposed Solution

To reduce the level of stress in people and increase their concentration, we offer the NeVRoPlex software and hardware complex.

for B2B

The use of the NeVRoPlex complex by employees in companies leads to a decrease in their stress level, as a result of which labor productivity increases by 26.5%, and this is a direct saving of the company's financial resources. The same complex allows you to increase the level of employee concentration on current tasks.

for B2C

The NeVRoPlex complex allows to reduce stress, thereby improving the quality of life, not bringing your psychological state, your body, to the occurrence of diseases, as well as increasing the level of concentration and meditation.

Neurogress Suite Includes

  • 1:

    VR headset/goggles

  • 2:

    Neurointerface (a device to track the human condition by taking the EEG of their brain)

  • 3:

    Proprietary algorithm for collecting and processing data from the neurointerface, as well as determining the user’s current state and choosing suitable content based on the obtained results

  • 4:

    AI- and computer-vision-based software, which alerts people that they are close to the state of stress and need to use NeVRoPlex suite to improve their condition

Our Products

Annual Subscription В2В

1550 €

В2В Suite

5950 €

VR goggles


В2C Suite

570 €

VR goggles


Annual Subscription В2С

110 €

Stress reduction software that increases concentration;
Software that determines the emotional and psychological state of employees. Up to 10 users can use one complex.

Software that lowers stress, increases concentration. The whole family can use the complex.

Improved psychological well-being

Increased performance

Stress prevention

Fast mobilization and concentration before making difficult decisions

Why choose the Suite?

The Suite Efficiency in Business

People under stress perform 50% less efficient.

Only 20% of company employees are stress-resistant while 80% are under stress.
NeVroPlex Suite helps 53% of employees to recover their performance.

53% of employees will be working twice as productive.

For a company with 10 employees with an average salary of Euro 2,500 per month, the added efficiency will amount to Euro 60,000 per year.

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